Keep your customers informed, build trust.

Easily set up a status page and start communicating updates with your customers. Keep them informated of changes, incidents and even upcoming maintenance windows.

Status Pages

Incident Management

Everything you need to build trust

Combine uptime monitoring with a modern and secure status page and share current status and upcoming maintenance windows.

Built-in monitoring

Link uptime monitoring with status pages and share uptime metrics and availability on your status page.

Custom domain & SSL Certificates

Configure your own sub-domain with Status Pages and we will automatically set up an SSL certificate on the fly - at no extra cost.

Branded Status Page

Easily customize your status page. Upload your logo and configure custom support link or email.

Status Pages

Incident Updates

Provide updates regarding any ongoing incidents or service outages and upcoming maintenance activities.

Publish an announcement

Publish an announcement on status pages which will be visible on the top most of your status page.
Historical Statistics

Display historical metrics such as uptime and response time for each of your monitored service.
Subscription and Notifications (coming soon)

Enable your customers and visitors to subscribe to your Status Page to receive updates automatically.
Status Pages

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