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Monitor your services from around the globe and get alerted instantly.

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Monitor Everything

Monitor every aspect of your infrastructure

Easy to use and effective monitoring with enterprise-grade features.

Uptime Monitoring
Easily configure advanced uptime monitoring tests and monitor the availability and performance of endpoints.
Uptime Monitoring
Status Pages
Build trust with your visitors and customers by sharing real-time status updates with them.
Status Pages
Coming soon
Server Monitoring
Monitor server resource usage: RAM, CPU, Disk, Network, Process usage. Set custom thresholds for alerts.
Server Monitoring
Coming soon
Real User Monitoring
Gather real performance data from your website visitors around the world and detect all point of failures.
Real User Monitoring
Trusted and used by startups, and SMEs around the world.
Endpoints Monitored per Minute
Total Endpoints Monitored
1 minute checks

Monitor your services as fast as every minute and detect downtimes or service degradations quickly.

Monitor everything

Monitor websites, TCP ports, UDP ports, DNS records, SSL Certificates and PING responses.

Error Logs

View error logs from each locations and find the root cause of issues. We retain check logs.


Receive alerts on Slack, Discord, Telegram, Pushover, Microsoft Teams or by SMS and Phone Calls.

Multiple locations

Monitor your services from multiple locations across the globe. Say no to false incidents!

Customizable validations

Modify validations for each checks and ensure the responses or timings are valid before alerting.

Status Pages

Create status pages and share them with your customers to keep them informed and build trust.

Schedule maintenance windows

Schedule maintenance windows and temporarily disable notifications or monitoring while a maintenance is in progress.

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